Define innovation?


Well there are several definitions of innovation. But in a highly competitive sales environment where several brands are fighting for the same cake, I found James Osborne’s definition, refreshing and one that made absolute sense.

James is the Director of Innergy, which is a unique blend of consultancy, training, recruitment and other key HR and business support services. It helps businesses to improves performance, increases profitability and enables change.

I attended one of the seminars at the Recruitment Agency Expo 2012, yesterday (15 Feb 2012), where James defined being innovative = “being positively discontent with how everyone else does it.”

I also enjoyed listening to his Purple Cow (author: Seth Godin) analogy and how can you identify “Prospect Generators” to give your new business the much deserved boost and give your business an overall competitive advantage.

A short and very interesting speech indeed after a very long time.

Well done James. There should be a workshop on innovation for sales and marketing departments.

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