Case Study Videos – getting closer to your customer


With the proliferation of online and social media every business whether small or big has an opportunity to engage with their customers. It is that much easier to let your customers know about you and your products without making every sound bite sound like a sales pitch. But this proliferation means that customers are overloaded with information or are frustrated with wanting to know more about a product or service and having to look through the myriad information available. So a company needs to engage with their customers to develop a long term relationship.

Apart from the traditional methods, there are various ways this engagement can occur, through online marketing, using tools like Facebook, twitter, reddit etc., through viral marketing or through a focused media campaign on targeted websites. Any of the above mentioned tools can be made engaging with use of video.  Videos talking about company successes or usability of a product and new emerging products or services can be influential in creating a competitive edge on rivals.

Its always better to ‘show’ a customer rather than ‘tell’ them. Case Study videos do just that and are some of the most important sales and marketing collateral a company can develop for its customers. These case study videos can include customer testimonials which lend immense credibility to potential customers.

Some points to remember when creating a case study video

–          A testimonial case study video is impactful. Focus on the satisfied customer and let them tell their experience with you in their own words

–          A suitable case study would be about 2 to 4 minutes long

–          Make sure that the logo and the tag line appear in the first few clips itself

–          Highlight the major milestones in the first minute while you have the customer’s attention

–          Production quality is important – shoddy production quality can be detrimental so make sure that you work with a reliable production team

–          Ensure that in the script there are keywords embedded to improve SEO opportunities

–          And last but not the least ad a call to action

So once the case study video is developed what would be the next steps

–          Ad the case study video to the company website

–          Use the clip in presentations, on social media and for online campaigns

–          Utilise the services of a content activation company like Ekstasy to activate the video

If you would like to know more about developing case study videos and activating them then please contact us on

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