Plant-based Advertising

Going back just a few years the average menu at a restaurant would only have one or maybe two options for a vegetarian. Now there are whole chains that offer a completely vegan menu. The plant-based market is predicted to increase from £559 million in 2016 to £658 million in 2021. 

Coke : Why are we so addicted to it?

Coca-Cola, the drink originally intended for medicinal purposes and introduced back in 1886. 134 years ago! Having 10 spin off flavours that followed it, the brand has grown into the $200 billion dollar net worth it has today. 

Purpose Driven Advertising

Why purpose driven brands must advertise differently?

Right now, I see a lot of mistakes being made by car manufacturers who are being forced into the electric revolution and are advertising their new electric cars in an obsolete way like they have been selling their petroleum hungry cars for over 100 years. The same applies to insurance and banking companies wanting to launch cool digital products. They forget to strategise and rebuild their communication around the true purpose of their brand and products. Maybe they do not know what that is and need to regroup and find one. This is a fantastic financial opportunity to capitalise on, which will also do good for society. Why not re-think your advertising strategies and develop the new age of advertising for the purpose driven market of today and the future.